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Foxtrot at Pharsalia

Massies Mill, Virginia  22967
in the heart of Nelson County's "Fruit Loop" and "Brew Ridge Trail"


Designed in 1924 by Dr. Homer Clarke

and his wife, Marguerite ...

Now a guesthouse, Foxtrot is a seven-bedroom Arts and Crafts Tudor-Style home originally built of stucco, wood and rock native to the Pharsalia property.

She has now been lovingly restored by Foxie Morgan and her partners, Meredith and Brad Harbin, to modern splendour.

Foxtrot offers a haven for bridal parties, families and old friends to escape the madding crowd.

Foxtrot Night ExtKev Lombard_0014AA copy.jpg

Foxtrot at Pharsalia ... nestled up in the family's Silver Creek apple orchards ... 

whether you seek a slow or stepped-up pace, come dance the Foxtrot with us!

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Foxtrot Web Photos_0002.jpg

Foxtrot features an original mahogany mantel, extraordinary chestnut woodwork throughout, family antiques and mirrors from Pharsalia, vintage dressing tables in each bedroom (including Foxie's own, from high school!) ...

We've printed two murals on marble, one showing Nelson County back in the 1800's

and the other a plat map from 1854 depicting the original Pharsalia landholdings.

(All the interior colors within the house have come from the plat map ... look closely at the imprinted marble backsplash over the kitchen stove!)

Come dance the Foxtrot with us!



Our Dining Room easily seats 14, our Kitchen caters to connoisseurs, caterers and gourmets alike ... our Living Room, grand stair hallway and Sleeping Porch make Foxtrot a sum of exquisite parts. 

Our sheets are high cotton, our towels fluffy, the beds and pillows plumped, snapped to and waiting. 

Each nook and cranny has been designed with special gatherings, wedding preparations, shenanigans,

"weekend of" photography and total relaxation in mind. 


Enjoy some of our branch water and bring along some sipping whiskey ...

or perhaps a glass of our local Nelson Pinot might be in order?

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FOXTROT FINAL LOGO_edited_edited.png
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476 Massie Lane, Massies Mill, Virginia  22967

Call or Text our Manager:

Judith Paixão @ 954-232-4101



We specialize in Girls' Weekends, reunions and gatherings of every kind!  If you can think of it, we'll make it happen!!!

“Read our Guests' Reviews in their own words and sketches ...

we try to inspire the friends and families who stay with us to have unimaginable times!!!”

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 right back to you !!!

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