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~ Sleeping 14 in beds (but more if needed!) we offer Seven Bedrooms and Four Baths~

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~ "Dr. Clarke's Study" ~ 

Sleeps 2 on the first floor, in a Queen Bed.

A Queen Bedroom on the first floor with a bank of original chestnut cabinetry and closets, opposite a full bath featuring an 1860's map of Nelson County directly imprinted on the walk-in marble shower wall and William Morris "Pomegranate Orchards" original wallpaper.

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~ Marguerite's Master ~

Potentially sleeps 3 - 4  

(using our Day Bed & an inflatable Twin)

 Just off the 2nd Fl staircase landing with a King Bed, en-suite Bathroom, a Day Bed and Chaise Longue.

(Oh and yes, William Morris English "Golden Lily" wallpaper in the Master Bath and Dr. Clarke's original chestnut cabinetry within the dressing area as well!).

IMG_1708 2.HEIC

We have extra sturdy and comfortable twin beds along with a full futon on the Sleeping Porch which we can make available upon request.

Simply say the word and we'll set them up for an additional charge ...

see more by visiting "Book Our House"!


~ Frances' Queen Canopy ~

Sleeps 2, in a Queen Bed.

Named for the Clarke's youngest daughter, painted in a lovely peach and connected to her sister Adelaide's room by a Lady's sink closet papered with William Morris vintage "Pimpernel" ...

_MGL6544 copy.jpg

Looking out through our needlepointed floral rug to

the Stair Hallway with vintage 

forested chandelier and Edison bulbs ...

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_MGL6533 copy.jpg

Vintage dressing tables in every bedroom!

_MGL6550 copy.jpg

Walking through the "Lady's Sink" to Adelaide's room ...  William Morris "Single Stem" vintage paper and matching skirt frame this sweet space ... only found in a house of distinction from the '20s!

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~ Adelaide's Sunny Corner ~

Sleeps 2, in a Queen Bed.

A lovely corner room facing North and East to capture the morning sun ... connected to Frances' Bedroom, looks out to the family's Silver Creek orchards.


Looking through to Frances' room ...


Looking back thru to Adelaide's! 

Our 2nd Floor Hallway Bath ... 

_MGL6519 copy.jpg
_MGL6520 copy.jpg

A full tub + shower and vintage sink with a counter of Bermuda seaglass flanked by a stunning mirror found up in the eaves of the Pharsalia attic!

The wallpaper?

Original William Morris "Pimpernel"!

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~ Jefferson's Bunk ~

Sleeps 2, potentially 3 or even 4!

We surely can't represent our esteemed forebear and neighbor slept here, but he certainly would admire our bunk-style twin beds, which will be curtained for additional privacy. 

Let the kids repair to this room whilst the "adults" frolic below! 

(Games for the generations and old-fashioned books reside here ...)

_MGL6562 copy.jpg

Another view from our upper Stair Hallway looking into Jefferson's Bunk ... so MANY places to take photographs and simply hang out in Foxtrot ... a true period home!

_MGL6487 copy.jpg
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~  Proceed down a slight flight of steps to the original Maids' Quarters  ~

This is, perhaps, the sweetest part of the house! If there are some who have children or who'd simply like a bit of separation, The Maids' Quarters will suit perfectly! Next to our Jefferson Bunk

with another full bath, there's a separate back staircase leading directly down to the Kitchen.

There are two simple bedrooms within the Quarters along with a fabulous Bath:

FOXTROT FINAL LOGO_edited_edited.png

~ Willie's Blue North ~

2 Twin Beds

(or let Willie's become a King Bedroom!)

Twin beds in a corner room with a dressing table look north out to the orchards ... old-fashioned charm

abounds in this wing!


A special treasure, walk through William Morris' "Eau~de~Nil" ("Birds on a Trellis") wallpaper in the hallway featuring full floor-to-ceiling chestnut cabinetry!



~ Georgia's Peach ~


Sleeps 2, in Jenny Lind Twins.


Our south-facing twin bedroom can also easily convert to a King bedroom!

_MGL6484 copy.jpg

Special features include delightfully old-fashioned chandeliers from Pharsalia, Jenny Lind twins and of course, a vintage dressing table for pre-celebration primping!!

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 10.14.56 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 10.24.12 AM.png
_MGL6470 copy.jpg

... views of the family's Silver Creek orchards, wooden blinds mounted upon 1920's era sills and over-large windows throughout with original floors and sconces, heartpine cabinetry from the family wood mill ... 

and finally ... 

HudnutInk-watercolor pen1_edited.png

the Maids' bath (a step back in time)!

wainscotting, wooden blinds woven with brocaded ribbon, a clawfoot tub

awaiting a bridesmaid's long soak ...

(also offering a vintage hand-held shower and the fluffiest towels) ...

a pedestal lady's sink of porcelain with french fixtures and

a Pharsalia mirror ...

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