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Frances and Adelaide preparing for a ride up through the

mountains ... or perhaps a canter over to neighboring

Belle Vue down through the orchards and across Pharsalia Road.

Note the bedsheets hanging out back ... the clothesline is still there today; we use it to dry our sheets in the 

fresh mountain air!

Originally called "The Monastery", Foxtrot was built during the years 1924 - 1926 by Dr. Homer Clarke and designed by his bride, Marguerite McMillan, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Coming to Massies Mill after residency in Flint, Michigan, the Clarkes raised their two daughters, Frances and Adelaide, along with any number of dogs and horses throughout the years.

Dr. Clarke served as Massie Mills' general practitioner until his death in 1946, making housecalls throughout the area. Marguerite died at Foxtrot in 1987, at the age of 90. Frances' eventual husband went on to become the Director of the National Health Institute in D.C.!

FOXTROT FINAL LOGO_edited_edited.png

Local legend has it that a secret stash of apple brandy liquor was stored in the basement during Prohibition!

Foxtrot-Orig Clarke Deed from Nelson County Records_edited.jpg

Local Master Craftsman Jack Kirk assembled the field rock, hand-planed the native chestnut and oak and built the house with local contractor Thomas Ligon. 

Running water came down the mountain from a spring up top, electricity was produced by a generator in the stone "Battery House" out back. 

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