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~ Book Entire 7 BR House OR our 4- Bedroom Wing!   ~
( with two night minimum stay )

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Our Rules

Additional Charges

We will charge a one-time Housekeeping Fee of $400 in addition to your per-night Lodging as well as the mandatory 12.3% State Sales and Nelson County Lodging Taxes.

We will initially collect a $500 Security Deposit which will be fully refunded within 48-hours of your leave-taking once we have inspected the House for possible damages.

Additional Guests

Our beds accommodate 14 occupants. We are able, for an additional $95 per person charge, to add four more twin beds along with a Full Bed Futon that sleeps 2 on the Sleeping Porch.

Checking Out: Sheets, Towels, Dishes and Trash!

We ask that Guests leave all used sheets and towels next to their bedroom door upon leaving as well as run all dishes through the dishwasher.  Please be SURE to remove your trash and secure within the garbage cans (outside next to the Garage). We thank you for these considerations!

Dogs & Other Pets

As a general rule, dogs and pets are not allowed for a number of reasons (allergens, dander, damage, going to the bathroom, getting up on upholstery and other furniture, dog hair, etc.) There are possible exceptions that come with strict rules along with a non-refundable pet fee and damage deposit. Pre-approval MUST be granted by the Foxtrot Manager or the Property Damage Deposit will immediately be forfeited.

IF permission is given to bring your dog, at minimum there will be a non-refundable $300 charge, but approval is NOT a given.  Permission MUST be given ahead of time in writing, after discussion with our manager and acceptance of our rules.

Events & Parties

Any event involving outside Guests (Rehearsal Dinners, Brunches, Gatherings of any type) must be pre-approved by and arranged with the Manager. There will be a venue fee dependent upon number of guests as well as a strictly imposed curfew hour for outdoor activities. Please contact Judith, our Manager, as soon as you consider hosting a party at Foxtrot!  After-Parties are STRICTLY forbidden to outside partiers and limited to registered guests only.  Any after-party will be charged a 3x security fee.

Our Kitchen

Please do not take kitchen utensils out of the house ... the kitchen must be left as you found it upon your departure. Please leave us a note if something breaks, things happen and we understand! It makes a huge difference to hear directly from you as opposed to our finding a broken item without having been told before you leave. We thank you for this consideration!  We will always try our best to work with you!

Our Septic

We operate on a septic system, so please be aware! Do not place or flush feminine products, baby wipes or other products down the toilet.  Please turn on the bathroom exhaust fans during showers to exhaust moisture outdoors and protect our period wallpaper.

Smoking, Fires Indoors & Outside

Without exception, smoking is strictly prohibited within the house.


Due to the very real potential for fire in our mountains, if you smoke outdoors, please be sure to throw extinguished butts in a can and then be sure they have been doused. 

Use of real candles is NOT allowed, however we have provided "Luminara" tapers and column candles to use for ambience!

Our fireplace is gas-controlled and pre-set with logs. Under no circumstances may guests rearrange the logs as the fireplace will not then be functional. Guests may not adjust the temperature of the fireplace and may not leave it lit unattended.


Outdoor fires are inherently dangerous and Foxtrot is located within a forested setting. While we have a fire ring in the backyard, use of this must be pre-approved. Guests must bring their own fire kettle with spark screen and either bring their own firewood or purchase from us. Use discretion and adhere to common sense safety! Permission will NOT be given to use the fire ring if conditions are overly dry or if there are prevailing high winds. No fire can be left unattended and must be doused at the end of the night using our hose provided directly across from the fire ring.

If you are in agreement with our rules, please consider staying with us ...

We'll be honored to have you join us for however long!! 

You can book below ... 

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